2nd International Workshop on Pellet Safety

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Session 1

Katja Hagstrom (Orebro University Hospital): Exposure and Health Effects in the Production of Wood Pellets

Waltraude Emhofer (Bioenergy 2020+): Off-Gassing – Safety issues related with emissions from wood pellets along the supply chain

–  Niels P. Nielsen (DTI): Preliminary Reulsts from SafePellets on Studies of Self-Heating in Biopellet Storages

Per Blomqvist (SP Technical Research Institute): The Self-Heating Phenomenon – from Micro-Scale to Real Scale Storages

Session 2

Per Blomqvist (SP Technical Research Institute): Prevention and Fire Fighting in Silos

Derek Killaspy (Fireworks): Fireworks Fire Protection and Suppression Systems and the Case Study of Liverpool Bulk Terminal

Session 3

David Price (GexCon): Dust Explosion Modelling of Vented Biomass Sotrage and Processing Equipment

Martin Englisch (BEA): ISO 238 – Solid Biofuels

Sebastian Zimmerling (VGB Powertech): Storage Standards for Solid Biomass

Session 4

Hans Martin Behr (Deutsche Pelletinstitut): Saftey Issues – Impact on Pellet Production and Traders – Results from a Market Survey on Safety Incidents

Gregor Rinke (Seeger Green Energy): Pellet Safety for Everyone: Results as a Witness for Pellet Plants

Martin Weigl (Holzforschung Austria): Reducing VOC Emissions from Pellets by means of Pre-Treatment and Processing

Terrol Bateman (Dome Technology): Re-Think Bulk Storage

– Michael Wild – Safety in Torrefaction (part 1) (part 2)


Sittard Explosion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UPyzOwXmcY

Brandschutz und Brandbekampfung: Risk Engineering Guideline – Fire Protection and Fire-Fighting in Silo and Bunker Plants: https://www.yumpu.com/de/document/view/22260109/brandschutz-und-brandbekampfung-in-silo-hdi-gerling

Henry Persson (SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden): Silo Fires – Fire Extinguishing and Preventative and Preparatory Measures: https://www.msb.se/RibData/Filer/pdf/27144.pdf

IEA Bioenergy: Health and Safety Aspects of Solid Biomass Storage, Transportation and Feeding: http://www.ieabioenergy.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Health-and-Safety-Aspects-of-Solid-Biomass-Storage-Transportation-and-Feeding.pdf

VGB Powertech Publications: http://www.vgb.org/shop/