PellCert project

EPC worked on adapting ENplus certification according to market demands in the EU project “PellCert” in 2011-2014. More information below:

The key objective of the project European Pellet Quality Certification is to create and implement an ambitious and uniform certification system for pellets in Europe, called “ENplus”, which will be used both by the heat and the power markets, for intra European trade but also for imports.

In addition, sustainability criteria will be designed to be part of ENplus or come on top and create an “ENplus GREEN” scheme. The project is run by a unique consortium of 10 pellets associations (see contact details below), ensuring a direct relationship with pellets market players. LABORELEC represents the interest of the power sector, and coordinate activities with members of EURELECTRIC. The European Biomass Association AEBIOM leads the project. The finalisation of the European pellet standard EN 14961-2 is a first very important step to create a harmonized set of pellet qualities in Europe and ENplus contribute to the implementation of this standard. A solid European quality certification schemes is crucial to simplify work of the pellets producers and increase confidence of pellets equipment manufacturers and consumers.
PellCert project partners:

For further information and results of the consultation workshops please visit the PellCert website

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