power production with pellets

Pellets can be used in large pulverized fuel or circulating fluidized bed power plants. 
These plants can be operated in co-firing mode with coal, be retrofitted from coal up to 100% wood pellets or be newly built. 
The two first options allow to replace large amounts of fossil fuel by renewable fuel within a short period of time. 
The achieved greenhouse gas reduction can be more than 85% with respect to coal or more than 70% with respect to a reference natural gas power plant – taking into account all CO2 emissions for pellet production and transport.

Utilities using or planning to use pellets

Information regarding sustainability certification of pellets.

The power plant of Les Awirs has been converted from coal to 100% use of wood pellets. It produces 80 MW of green electricity and uses 350.000t of pellets per year. Compared to the former use of coal the greenhouse gas savings are approx. 500.000t per year taking into account all CO2 emissions caused by pellet production and transport.